I have needed to get in touch with Travel management support as we are new to salesforce and the App and they were extremely responsive. The App is user friendly and is helping us simplify our processes. I recommend it!
Claire Balbo



This is a good App to reduce the clicks and make using Salesforce much easier. Once you have listed an item in My Favorites it is one click to the Object. Once you list another listing, like a listing in Setup, it is one click to the listing.

My Favorites is particularly useful for quick access to objects you don’t routinely use in SalesForce Apps that you don’t use frequently. One click and you are at the Object. We also use it for listings on the Setup page to go directly to the desired listing, like “Develop VisualForce Page”. It saves a lot of time with just the one click.

The MyFavorites listing is in the left sidebar, whereever you place it up or down the left sidebar, so it is available whenever you need it. We highly recommend this app. (note we use the Classic version of Professional)
James Madden


Makes it extremely easy to have bookmarks right inside of Salesforce. Great for when you are on the road or switching computers often. Users love it.
Kristen Strater



Having the ability to “bookmark” important records and settings has made administrating SFDC much more efficient. This app is particularly helpful for admins because the set up page can be difficult to navigate at times.
Lauren Hanna


I’ve been using this app for a couple of months and it’s on my list of “must haves” for every Salesforce user.

First, it’s simple and obvious to use. Nothing complicated to configure. Very easy to learn to use. I just started saving the places I regularly visited in Salesforce.

Once I stored my frequently accessed pages (a couple dashboards, a couple apps, a couple of list views on standard objects) I found the real beauty of the app: it saves me multiple clicks and seconds of my day each time I use it. That may sound small, but it’s HUGE over the course of a day of use. It’s not just saving me time, it’s reducing the friction in my day by making things simple and easy. I find myself spending more time in Salesforce and getting more done. I love it.
Kristen Strater



I manage a non-profit org during a fundraising event cycle (3-4 months) every year, and was happy to be introduced to My Favorites. Now I have all of my key dashboards and reports neatly organized in my sidebar. Simple solution, great execution.
Mike Kreaden


I save hundreds of Salesforce clicks per day. My Favorites is the productivity tool for power users and a simplification tool for everyone else.
Paul Selway



Using My Favorites saves so much of my time on a daily basis. Instead of multiple clicks, I can access my reports (and other items) with a single click.
Adnan Olia


Anyone who uses Salesforce daily knows that the “click trail” for some items is very long, yet we do it everyday. Using My Favorites has reduced my clicking and increased productivity. I’d recommend this app for any regular Salesforce user.
Ben McDermott



Needed a quick travel approval and tracking app for Salesforce. Travel Management fit the bill. Easy to work with and the developers went above and beyond get us up and running.
Marvin Becker


App was easy to install and met our requirements in that we wanted to be able to see overdue Tasks on the Home Page in LEX (not just “Today’s tasks”). Only issue is that I wanted to customise the fields visible on the Home Page so we could see the Contact and Account Name. Apparently this can’t be done yet however, workaround is that I ensure this info is included in the Task Subject line.
Katrina Luck



The app looks nice and we want to display the component on our LEX home pages
Gina Cockrum


I didn’t have any difficulty getting this loaded in my Lightning Sandbox. It has a nice layout and does a great job of allowing you to find all of your tasks and events. I especially like the counters for each grouping and the ability to close a task with a checkbox! Nicely done!
Danelle Lockwood



Working with Webider was awesome! He was amazing at mentoring and coaching along the way to help me end up with the product I was hoping for. Webider and his team helped me make all of the right decisions for my website without overselling me on my needs or allowing me to make choices that had negative impact down the line. The end product was perfect. It looks and feels like me while laying out the foundation of my online presence and letting me expand in the near future. I can’t recommend them enough!
Kat Thorp | Blogger


I hired Webider to develop a new web site for a client of mine. The site was rather large and the client has specific future needs in the area of eCommerce. Webider did an excellent job at designing the site working with my graphic designer on layout and building it in a way that can be expanded upon in the future!Thanks Kashi!
Dwight Raatz
Peoplesoft Developerat BI Worldwide